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The Draco is our premier appendix holster designed for perfect balance and security on your person. Utilizing two points of attachment to your belt the Draco is what customers turn to when looking for the best. 


Available mounting options:

Soft Loops: Two Soft Loops that can be changed to fit anywhere from a 1.5" to a 2.0" belt. Using pull the dot snaps these will stay secure to your belt and never fail you. 

Overhooks: The Raven Overhooks are the best in the business and that's exactly why we make sure to use them on your holster. They hook securely around your belt and have adjustable ride depth. Available in both 1.5" and 1.75" belt sizes

Reviews (5)


Written by Chory on Nov 28th 2017

Great holster! Got it for my my sphinx sdp and love it. Legacy is one of the few company's I've seen that make one for the sdp and i wouldn't hesitate to buy another holster from them.


Written by Israel Magdaleno on Sep 13th 2017

Great holster with a great fit great retention. Highly recommended. I have several holsters from Legacy and they're all great!

Quality hOlster

Written by TerRence on Aug 23rd 2017

I wanted my P30sk to hug my body for optimal concealment. The Ares accomplishes this with the dual, tuckable overhooks and claw. Great holster and I've been recommending Legacy Firearms Co to my friends.

Excellent holster

Written by undefined on Jul 18th 2017

This holster is an excellent choice for appendix carry. The dual mounts holds it secure and in place. The molding is precise and holds the gun in place, but releases easily on the draw. The placement of the second mount off the edge of fhe slide on the gun aides in concealment. Overall this is an excellent product that excels in concealing a gun in the appendix carry position.

Ares double mount holster

Written by Jeremy on Jun 30th 2017

Ordered this after getting my new vp9sk. The retention on it alone is perfect. With a clean crisp "click" to indicate that you've holstered/drawn the gun. I ordered mine with the double overhooks and the claw which took away printing completely, even with the extended mag. Quality work. Will definitely be ordering more later on.

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