Cygnus (Minimalist V2)

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The Cygnus is an adaptation to our Apollo holster where as instead of only covering the trigger guard it also wraps around the front sight post as well. This provides more stability to the holster. It comes standard with an RCS overhook and you can optionally add on the RCS VG claw. Unlike the apollo holster we can also integrate your weapon light into this holster. 

Reviews (19)

Great holster!!!

Written by Anthony Collins on Aug 27th 2018

I love my new holster from @legacyfirearmsco. It is the Cygnus V2 minimalist light bearing holster in multicam. I have worn this holster daily for about a month now and no hot spots or problems printing. Super concealed tight to the body. Compared to some of my other holsters this one is very comfortable (for kydex). No rough edges. Great fit and finish. The tuckable overhook adds to the concealability of this holster by not adding any bulk to the belt side of the holster. Retention is just perfect straight out of the box.


Written by Betty Cowles on Aug 23rd 2018

Best holsters I have ever owned. Shipping was fast. I love the option to customize it just for me!

CyGnus v2

Written by KC on Aug 9th 2018

Beat holster (appendix) that I’ve purchased to date. I’ve had some really great holsters from great companies. This one is an excellent addition. Small, lightweight, comfortable and easy concealed.

Review Cygnus holster for Springfield xd mod 2 SubCompact

Written by Nelson on Jul 5th 2018

This holster conceals extremely well (even with a double stack pistol), fits great, and is easier than I thought to re-holster given the minimumalistic design. Comfort level is good, too. Solid choice for appendix carry.

CYGNUs V2 holster

Written by Ryan on Jun 24th 2018

This holster meet all my needs and then some. As I carry a custom M&P shield with a comp and optic on it. This holster was perfectly designed for my carrying needs. I would reccomend this holster for appendex carry. Would give 10 stars if I had the option.. well made and constructed not to mention the customer service was on point when I had additional questions which needed to be answered.

CYGnus minimalist v2

Written by Stephen on Apr 17th 2018

Great quality holster. Great price. Received faster than 8 week lead time. Comforr is amazing. I would strongly recommend this holster


Written by James Olson on Apr 6th 2018

Best holster I have owned for AIWB. Being such a small holster helps the pistol hide better. I carry a P229 and it disappears. Most other holsters didnt hide this compact very well, I would have to adjust all kinds of ride height and cant with others. This one I set my retention put it on and went.


Written by duane on Mar 14th 2018

exactly as advertised, comfortable and secure.


Written by Mike on Feb 28th 2018

Honestly ive been carrying this holster for about a week I may never buy another brand as long as legacy keeps making the the market is flooded with kydex but legacy makes it easy to stick to this brand already planning out my next one hopefully I can keep the wife from finding out I plan on getting one for all my pistol A++ for sure fit and finish and the looks are even better !!!!


Written by Jason on Feb 23rd 2018

Cygnus was exactly what I was looking for. I wish the turn around was a little quicker. But quality products.

Cygnus review

Written by W. Garcia on Feb 12th 2018

I received my second Cygnus holster today. It was as excellent as the last one. The fit and finish is that of a much more expensive product. I'm slowly switching all of my carry holsters over to products from Legacy Firearms. If you want a good looking, durable holster that won't get you in trouble with the finance dept (Wife, Partner, Sentient Love-toaster, whatever) any one of these holsters will fit the bill.

Cygnus holster

Written by Dustin on Feb 8th 2018

Great holster so far, I'm new to minimalist holster so there is a little adjustment period needed, been wearing it for a week all day at work, so far it's been exactly what I was expecting, low profile, with the claw added it concealed very well, only complaint I could possibly have is the bottom edges of the holster are a bit sharp, it could be rounded a little to smooth it off for more comfort, all in all a great holster and a great value, and I received mine in about half of the advertised lead time, I would recommend this holster.

Cygnus Appendix holsTer

Written by Ryan Gardner on Dec 14th 2017

This holster is definitely worth the cash and turn around. Retention is positive, not too tight, no slop. Straight draw with no snagging, you can easily re-holster one handed with it still in your waist. The added claw definitely, in my case, eliminates print completely. Another thing I noticed that I like, is that this holster can be carried in any position comfortably. Definitely ordering more holsters.

Real Deal

Written by Daniel Alaimo on Oct 10th 2017

Holster fits my VP9 perfectly. Worth the wait.

Great holster

Written by William P on Aug 23rd 2017

Love the workmanship and fit, positive retention.. Slim profile is great comfort. Only one very minor upgrade I'm doing to mine...I will replace the rubber bushings to a solid nylon piece. It would help snugging down the belt clip without affecting the tension to the holster shell.


Written by Michael fesler on Aug 15th 2017

Fit and finish are perfect. As good, or better, than I expected.

Excellent Holster

Written by Wesley Garcia on Jul 17th 2017

I ordered this holster as a gift. It definitely wowed the recipient. She loves it. It's exceptional and very well make. I will be ordering more for my own carry pistol.

William Shephard

Written by William Shephard on Jul 10th 2017

Got the Cygnus for my P10c great as usual!!! Thanks Matt!!


Written by Chris on May 10th 2017

5 stars for how badass this looks

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