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1) I placed an order and still haven't received it:

We are a custom shop which means every holster is built to order. This causes us to have a lead time. There are instances where we run past our lead times but it is very rare. To see current lead times please visit here.

In stock orders ship in 72 hours. We currently do not accept rush orders.

We do not send status updates throughout production of your holster. When your order is shipped you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number and your status will change to "SHIPPED"

2) I received my holster and it doesn't fit my firearm:

Every holster that leaves our shop is test fit on the real firearm that you placed your order for. This alleviates almost all issues for ill fitting holsters. Be sure to adjust the retention (n/a to Erebus and Apollo) and if that does not fix the problem please use our contact us form. This should go without saying but it happens far too often: please make sure the firearm/weapon mounted light you chose for your order matches the firearm/weapon mounted light that you own.

3) I can't find the firearm and/or light combination that I have on your website:

You can make requests using our "contact us" form and if we see a large demand we will consider adding it. 

4) What is the sweat guard option?

The sweat guard is the amount of kydex that comes up the rear of the firearm in between your body and the gun.


5) You offer so many color options and I don't know what any of them are:

Please visit our colors/patterns page found "HERE"

The best place to see a good amount of combinations is on our Instagram page "HERE"

6) I received the wrong handed holster:

We get this email far too often. Inside waistband holsters are not designed to be used for outside waistband. If you are unsure of what to order please email us using the "CONTACT US" form to be sure you are ordering the right holster. The best way to shop to make sure you are getting an outside waistband holster is to go to our outside waistband category

If you still believe you have received the wrong orientation holster, please take a photo and email

7) I got my holster and it is uncomfortable:

One of the best sayings I've ever heard about carrying a firearm on a daily basis is that it is a part of your life that is supposed to make you feel comfortable, but won't always be comfortable. The gear you carry with can make a huge difference in your level of comfort. Just because your buddy finds it comfortable to carry a Glock 34 with a comp and Surefire X300 does not mean that its going to be comfortable for you. We recommend one of your first purchases after your decision to carry a firearm be a QUALITY firearm belt. Personally speaking I use nothing but the Ares Gear Enhanced Aegis but that doesn't mean its the right belt for you, just like our holsters may not be the right holsters for everyone. 

8) What thickness of material do you use?

All of our material is made of .08" kydex, boltaron, or royalite. Although many companies use .06" due to it being cheaper we find it to be flimsy and undependable. We also offer "Heavy Duty" .093" in a limited amount of colors which is recommended for outside waistband holsters that will see heavy use. 

9) If I order a light bearing holster will it work without the light attached?


10) If I order a holster with an optic cut does it matter if I have an optic cut yet? 


11) Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations are only accepted within 24 hours of placing your order. After 24 hours, you are subject to a 60% restocking fee. This is an extremely strict policy due to the custom nature of our business.

Please do your research before placing an order and contact us at with any questions.

12) Can I make changes to my order?

We will accept minor order changes for orders having a 6-10 week lead time up to 1 week after placing you order.

Due to Apollo holsters, Centaur holsters, Cygnus holsters, Zeus holsters, and Mag Carriers going directly from the printer to production, we do not accept changes or cancellations on these 5 products at all.

Please do your research before placing an order and contact us at with any questions.

13) Can I return my holster?

Our holsters are made to order, customized to your specifications, so we cannot accept returns.

Do your research before you buy, get your questions answered on our website, or email us if you have concerns before ordering. However, if you receive something that is our fault we will first make it right before considering accepting a return.

14) Will I get a shipping confirmation once my order is complete?

Yes, be sure to put the correct email in when you place your order or we will have no way to communicate with you. You will receive an order confirmation when placed and a shipping confirmation with a tracking number once the order has shipped. 

15) Is misplaced hardware covered by warranty? 

No. Order a replacement hardware set "HERE"

We also recommend ordering some Vibratite this time around as well by clicking "HERE

16) Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally but cannot guarantee that your order will make it through customs. If you are in a heavily restricted firearm country you may never receive your order. Our international shipping program requires us by law to put the order value on the package and our company name "Legacy Firearms Co" as the return address. We cannot change these no matter how many times you ask. 

17) Will your holsters create wear on my firearm?

This isn't 1990 anymore and we have left the industry in the dust with new technologies that allow better fitment, "less" wear, and overall better quality using CNC precision molds and vacuum forming. Our molds are slighly overbuilt where retention doesn't matter allowing less wear to happen over time. However, wear will happen. It is inevitable. If that is something that concerns you with your current firearm I would recommend finding a firearm that you are not as emotionally invested in to carry. 

18) I think my order is lost in the mail:

We get this email unfortunately far too often and 10 times out of 10 the order makes it either to where it was going or back to us. Did you just read that right? Yes, 10 times out of 10. Out of 1000's of orders a year we have never had a package completely lost in the mail. So patiently sit back and wait for the post office to figure out what they're doing. If we receive a package back we will contact you to figure out what is wrong with the address and why it didn't make it to you. 

19) What are the differences in belt attachments?

The belt attachment is the device that secures your holster onto your belt. These choices are based on personal preference for how you intend on carrying your holster. If you have additional questions about the diagrams below please contact customer service at




20) What's the difference between RCS Claws and Modwings?

More options, that's what it comes down to. They are 2 different concealment wings that work very similarly to one another but are aesthetically different from one another. 




21) What is the enlarged opening option?

Imagine a magwell on a firearm grip for easier reloads. That's exactly what our enlarged opening option is. It adds a 1/8"-1/4" flat opening across the front of the holster that allows for easier reholstering, but does add some width to the holster. 




22) Are your holsters compatible with the PHLster Enigma?

Yes our holsters are compatible with both the light-bearing and non-light bearing PHLster enigma.

Our light-bearing ares is compatible with the light-bearing enigma, but please make sure to select a modwing claw instead of a belt claw.

For non-light bearing the best holster options would be the centaur, cronus, cygnus, and vega. 


23) My order still says "In Production". WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

When your order is received it is automatically placed as "In Production" status in our system. We print orders immediately and place them in chronological order for molding. It then goes on to be cut, drilled, edge finished, cleaned, hardware installed, and test fit. During this whole process your order will remain as "In Production" in our system. Once it gets to shipping and handling it will get packaged and shipped. The status will then be updated to "shipped" and you will receive a tracking number via email. 

For any other questions please click "HERE"