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  • Pull The Dot Soft Loop

    Our IWB Loops feature true PULL-THE-DOT hardware. The new loop utilizes Biothane Super Flex 3/4" Granite® Black. These loops are far superior to their leather or plain rubber counterparts. The loops are capable of 1.25, 1.5" and 1.75".

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    Mounting holes are 7/32" in diameter and 1" spacing is variable as shown below: Easy on, easy off - Quick-Clips!  These clips are U.S. made out of the perfect blend of proprietary polymers - not too soft, not too stiff and bomb-proof...

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  • Vibra-Tite™ VC-3 Threadmate - 1 ml

    Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate is one of the most versatile threadlockers available on the market. Unlike traditional liquid lockers which cure to form a hard bond, VC-3 is a blend of resins designed to remain flexible and absorb vibration. This unique...

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