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The minimalist holster is our smallest holster available that still does it's job, protect the trigger. The holster will wrap around the trigger guard and be mounted with an overhook that allows to be carried anywhere on your body while keeping the firearm in place. We do recommend holstering your firearm first before putting it on using this method of carry. 

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Apollo Minimalist - a Review

Written by Ryan Muckenhirn on Apr 24th 2019

Excellent holster, everything you need and nothing you do not. Excellent retention and presentation, and concealment is top-notch. Wearing an athletic-cut T-Shirt with a G26 is not a concern.

Ease to carry

Written by Landon on Apr 6th 2019

I bought this just a week ago and already its my favorite holster for my shield. It conceals well and is comfortable.

Apollo minimalist holster for sig p238

Written by Lee d. on Apr 3rd 2019

Excellent product!!!

Apollo minimalist

Written by Jim Gilbert on Feb 23rd 2019

Nice and compact. Easy to conceal. Very good fit on my Cz p07

apOllo minimalist

Written by Rafael on Feb 22nd 2019

Excellent product


Written by Christopher V.D. on Feb 22nd 2019

Awesome quality holster and quick turn around!. Product so good I placed a 2nd order week later! And planned on getting more for my other pistols on near future. Again thanks for the sweet gig.

Great holster

Written by Leo on Jan 22nd 2019

Great fit for my Cz p10c. I received my order only 3 days later holy crap. Great quality and a Military discount offered. I'm impressed and will continue to buy from legacy!

Customer service

Written by johnathon baugus on Jan 4th 2019

This company is the best I have found by far even when I had a question they were very fast to answer me plus the holsters are top notch

ApoLlo holster

Written by Byron on Oct 11th 2018

Holster is crafted perfectly. I bought 1 without a wing to carry in the 4’oclock position. The pointed piece that brings this holster acts like a wing to push the grip against your body. Reholstering on body is not advisable but if you have a safety then you’ll be fine.

ApOllo minimalist

Written by Matt c on Oct 10th 2018

As usual another outstanding product from Legacy Firearms Co. Ordered this Apollo for my Taurus G2C for when I'm just hanging around the house. I needed a holster that was true AIWB with a claw that is super fast and easy to don or doff and this one fit the bill. I also have the Legacy for my Sig M11-A1 which is my go to setup when I have to travel anywhere. Both my holsters arrived well ahead of the estimated lead times. I highly recommend all Legacy Firearms Co products.

My Holster

Written by Jay on Aug 28th 2018

Been looking for a IWB holster for a long time, I am loving this one.

Apollo minimilist holster review

Written by Efrain Ruiz on Aug 23rd 2018

Very happy with the product no complaints and it's just what i wanted!!

Great holster/great company

Written by AV on Aug 22nd 2018

Purchased the Apollo Minimalist on August 16th with the agreement to a 5-10 day lead time. My holster arrived on August 20th! I was completely surprised how quickly it arrived. The holster fits my firearm perfectly and is extremely comfortable even when sitting. I'd absolutely recommend this holster!


Written by TJ N. on Aug 1st 2018

Very well crafted holster. You can tell by how the kydex is bonded together and the rivets actually align. I work LE and carry appendix off duty and this holster is amazing. I have used other minimal style holsters (like RCS) and this one actually stays put once you draw. This holster also covers more than just the trigger guard which to me is more comfortable both physically and mentally. The one downside, and that's a stretch, is when I received it the retention was insanely tight. Not a bad thing just needs some loosening up. Overall very satisfied and look forward to purchasing some OWB holsters from Legacy.

Apollo min. IWB (for Canik tp9sf-elite)

Written by J. HIll on Jul 30th 2018

Quality material, excellent construction and fast shipping! The Holster fits perfectly and has excellent retention and wears very comfortably and as advertised. I highly recommend this holster!

Perfect iWB holster

Written by JG on Jul 27th 2018

Finally, an appendix carry holster that I can sit or drive with in complete comfort. Great fit on my HK VP9SK too. Highly recommend!

Apollo holster

Written by Jordan Jeanette on Jul 6th 2018

Holster is extremely comfortable and was received well before expected. Ordered on a Thursday and received the next Monday. Holster is a tad loose due to my order, not Legacy Firearms's fault. Holster was ordered for a Canik TP9SF Elite which is wider than the gun I carry.

Apollo (minimalist)

Written by Chris on May 19th 2018

Great, functional, practical holster without the bulk. Just works!

Apollo for 1911

Written by Joe on May 9th 2018

I've gone through several Raven vanguards for my Glocks and this holster basically does the exact same but is significantly better built. No stress concentrators and better materials. The flap under the trigger guard provides support and prevents the "wing" from bending or fatiguing. Same draw stroke and concealability and I even think these are cheaper. Will be updating all of my holsters to Apollos.


Written by Joe Brown on May 9th 2018

Great quality product!!! Definitely will be doing more business in the near future.

Apollo minimalist

Written by Austin Goodwin on Apr 25th 2018

Great holster! Love how it fits and holds my firearm in place without being bulky and in the way!

Apollo minimalist

Written by jason flynn on Apr 18th 2018

Got my holster about a week ago an have fell in love with it. The build quality is top notch with rounded off edges. And with the claw there is no printing what so ever. I will be ordering another one for my next pistol.

Apollo minimalist

Written by Ben on Apr 8th 2018

The holster is great. Well made, good fit and finish, comfortable. Really no complaints about the holster. Customer service however is... meh. I ordered a left hand draw and they sent me a righty. Not a huge deal. The only difference is the "claw" orientation. I went the website to contact someone to get the correct claw. There's no phone number, no email, only a "fill in the blanks" section. I sent an inquiry here and never heard back. If not for having an email address from the shipment verification I'm not sure i ever would have gotten a hold of them. Once I did, they agreed without question to send the correct claw. Moral of the story... save the email from the shipping verification if you want to use their customer service! 5 out of 5 for the holster, 3 out of 5 for customer service.

Legacy Minimalist

Written by Bran Ackroyd on Apr 6th 2018

I could not be happier with this holster. The build quality is really is fantastic for the price point. I will be buying more products in the future from Legacy!


Written by Mike on Mar 29th 2018

Exceeded my expectations! Fit and finish is top quality. Has the kydex click and holds the gun firmly in place. If you're considering this holster, think no longer! Purchase it!

Apollo minimalist holster

Written by Patrick Berg on Mar 28th 2018

Excellent workmanship, works better than I even thought it would. great product.

Apollo holster

Written by JASON on Mar 15th 2018

Couldn’t be happier with my Apollo holster. Great fit and finish. You guys nailed it.

Apollo with Ulti-Clip

Written by M. TAYLOR on Feb 18th 2018

Small enough to act as a trigger guard when carrying in a bag but has the ability to carry on person. Great fit and finishing. Will definitely be ordering more from Legacy.

Gr8 holster

Written by Steven Lozada ii on Feb 8th 2018

Definitely one of my favorite holsters. Extremely comfortable and the minimalist style is money. Thank you again!

Outstanding quality

Written by Jonathan b on Jan 25th 2018

I recieved the holster and right away the quality was better than anything I've seen! After I had my VP9 in the holster and on my belt it felt molded to my body. The holster while being compact has an incredible grip om the firearm too and feels very trusting while being quick to unholster and reholster. Only brand I will be buying!

Comfortable and DEFINITELY minimalist

Written by Jay V on Dec 13th 2017

I got two of these. Both with the regular overhook and a claw. One was for an M&P Shield, the other for my VP9. After about three weeks of carrying each (not concurrently) I think I'm comfortable with reviewing them. Both look great and are comfortable. I could wear all day. The only concerns you should have with these holsters is if something in your pants is gonna scratch the finish of your pistol, because it just covers the trigger. This isn't a concern if you carry concealed, BTW, so I actually just reposition it away from any metal buttons on my jeans. The guns draw easily, and even with the overhook it's easy to reholster (read, remove holster from belt, reattach to pistol, and then re-clip to pants). The holster is definitely minimal and still provides the draw speed you'd want when it counts. My only complaints on this version of the Apollo are: * the screws either aren't tightened fully or there's no Loctite applied, so you'll want to do that yourself * there doesn't seem to be a way to adjust the tension on the holster, and my Shield is a little too loose for my liking. It has stayed in place day after day during my review period, and draws easily, as I've said, but I prefer forcing the gun out as part of my draw, and there's no way to adjust that. Keep that in mind when purchasing this for your small pistol; or if you like a looser feel, this is definitely for you. The product is very well made and barely prints. It's got a great price and it looks slick. The next holster I get, Legacy Arms will be my number one choice.

ApOllo holster

Written by Jason aboody on Oct 23rd 2017

I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. Simple and easy. This is my 3rd and last holster I need to buy for my VP9

RevIew, apollo minimalist

Written by Jonathan Neyman on Oct 18th 2017

Got one for my 19 and 42. Hands down the best most comfortable iwb I have tried and I have a box full of them. Draw is smooth and secure with both guns.

Apollo minimalist

Written by Jason Alexander on Oct 7th 2017

Honestly I absolutely love this holster. I got use to the legacy which is awwwwwesome but this Apollo... This Apollo is the bees knees. A little uncomfortable at first but with anything it takes some getting use to. Cant wait to order my side kick

The best minimalist holster?

Written by Nick on Aug 3rd 2017

I was in the market for a high-end minimalist holster and this definitely fits the bill. Very impressed with the retention and how well my M&P shield draws, this was one of my major concerns when purchasing a minimalist style holster. Fit and finish is second to none, maybe it was the awesome Purple Carbon Legacy offers but all of my friends jaws dropped when showing them my new Apollo.

Excellent product

Written by Robert on Aug 3rd 2017

Received the holster and it's a great concept for my S&W Shield .45. Simple, effective, no bulk, etc. However, this is specifically made to be minimalist. If you don't want your sidearm to touch your skin, or better said metal touching your skin, etc. then this is "NOT" the holster for you. But if you want a new concept, no extreme bulky material kydex, then do yourself a favor, BUY ONE! Love mine and you will to!


Written by Isi on Aug 1st 2017

Super light, easy on, easy off. Very nice materials and finishing. The claw works great tucking the grip away. Very pleased!

Awesome product

Written by Cody_l04 on Jul 10th 2017

Awesome products from this company. Perfect retention right out of the box. Smooth clean edges. You're not going to find better customer service. Best experience I've had ordering a holster.

Perfect summer holster

Written by Steven Peterson on Jun 26th 2017

I found this holster to work great in conjunction with the claw when wearing shorts and a tee shirt. Great concealment holster that draws easily, but retains the weapon well.

Excellent minimalist carry option!

Written by JT on Jun 26th 2017

I was looking for a minimalist carry holster and this has done very well, so far. Retains the firearm well, and allows for a quick draw (though it's a little stiff when you first get it). Highly recommend you holster the gun OUTSIDE of your pants (pointing in a safe direction). Same goes for re-holstering. Also, if you have a very aggressive front sight blade - be careful, as it will snag when drawing.

Bad@ss holster

Written by Mike on Jun 22nd 2017

Love the holster. Awesome options to customize and received extremely quick. Wish I would have gotten one a long time ago. Good bye every other holster I've tried lol

William Shephard

Written by William Shephard on Jun 15th 2017

Great holster. Exactly what I needed. Super fast shipping

Apollo Holster

Written by Todd Kirkendol on Jun 12th 2017

Excellent quality minimalist holster. Apollo allows for good IWB concealment of bulky firearms such as Sig P228. Excellent retention, fast shipping. Will refer friends/family and definitely purchase again. Only recommendation, after personal adjustment, use blue thread locker on hardware.

Apollo holster

Written by undefined on Apr 26th 2017

Great holster! Amazing quality and even better customer service.

Game changer!!

Written by matt on Apr 26th 2017

as i mentioned in the title this thing changed the holster game for me, guns that were too fat for me to carry comfortably are now g2g with this holster. The craftsman ship on this thing is anazing legacy does amazing work in finishing their holsters as well as the design process, you would think this holster might not have very good retention but because of their design and execution of that design it has just as much retention as a full size holster not chance of it falling out even during a skuffle. Give this holster a try if your thinking about it you wont regret it cant beat the price or the legacy on the purpose of this holster.

Comfort at a whole new level

Written by Bradlee on Apr 26th 2017

I have my fair share of holsters, but this is by far the most comfortable concealed carry holster I own. The next handgun I buy will have a holster from these guys!

By far my favorite holsters

Written by D. Candeloro on Apr 7th 2017

I recently ordered to completely custum/modified holsters. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! Matt worked with me to understand my needs and wants. He took my concept and made it real. Very pleased with the end result product. Well built and reasonably priced. I will be ordered more. Matt and Legacy Firearms Co. have earned my business.


Written by undefined on Apr 4th 2017

Excellent upgrade from the Versa-Carry for the Glock 43. Positive retention with completely covered trigger guard!

Minimalist holster

Written by undefined on Mar 29th 2017

Great holster, good fit and fast turnaround.

Minimalist holster

Written by Christian Swisher on Mar 14th 2017

Hell what can I say it's awesome almost feels like it's not there.

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