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SWEAT GUARD: The sweat guard is the height of kydex against the skin


COLOR: The color of your kydex on the outside of the holster. Inside color is determined by the pattern you choose. Standard colors are .08" thick. Heavy duty is .093" thick. Our colors can be seen "HERE"

ATTACHMENT METHOD: A tuckable overhooks is a standard plastic belt attachment that go over the belt and hook underneath it. Tuckable softloop is a strut that has a softloop attached that secures around your belt and cannot come off without unsnapping them first. The tuckable softloop is more secure but requires more work to take on and off. 

BELT SIZE: Standard belts are 1.5" thick but be sure to measure your belt to ensure proper fitment. If your belt is under 1.5" we recommend upgrading belts. 

FINISH WASHER COLOR: Finish washers are the hardware that go between the screw and kydex. Standard is black or silver but we also offer custom powdercoated washers to accent your holster with. 

CONCEALMENT CLAW: These claws are used to push against your belt line and twist the grip of the firearm into your body. We offer multiple options so that customers who are used to one or the other can have the choice. We do not believe there to be a huge difference between one or the other from personal experience however both options do help conceal extremely well. 

CONCEALMENT WEDGE: This is one of those times that it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. It is not an option that can be added later. This helps with both comfort and concealment by pushing the top of the gun up into the body as well as having rubber against the skin rather than kydex. It is easily removable if you decide it is not something that benefits you. 

THREADED BARREL: If you have a threaded barrel on your firearm for a suppressor or comp we will leave an area for the threaded barrel. At this time our molds do not allow for comps to be installed except in rare circumstances such as ordering a Glock 34 holster for a Glock 19. We will however not guarantee that all comps will fit even in that situation as all manufacturers differ from one another. 

SUPPRESSOR HEIGHT SIGHTS: With few exceptions most of our holsters will fit suppressor height sights even without this option chosen. Our molds are built to accept up to .4" sights in most cases. If you have taller than .4" please use our contact us page to ensure they will fit. This is a very rare case that they are taller than that. 

OPTIC CUT: Our optic cut is fairly universal except for the Trijicon SRO. If you choose an optic cut but do not have an optic cut on your firearm it will not make a difference on fitment or retention.

ADD MAGAZINE CARRIER: Add a black magazine carrier to your order for $5 off our standard magazine carrier price.

ADD VIBRATITE: We recommend adding this to your order however blue loctite will also work. After adjusting your holster to your carry preferences we recommend removing all screws and applying threadlocker to them. It is not applied at our shop to allow the customer to adjust their holster when they receive it. 

LEADTIME AGREEMENT: Please be sure to review our lead times before ordering at the top of the page. At any given time we are handing 100's and sometimes 1000's of pending orders. These holsters are handmade by a small team the produces the best quality holsters found anywhere. If you are not able to wait for our level of quality we would recommend shopping elsewhere. 

ORDER CHANGES: After you place your order there are absolutely no changes or cancellations allowed. It takes far too long to track down your order in our shop to make a change that may no longer even be possible. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: https://legacyfirearmsco.com/frequently-asked-questions/

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  • 4

    Posted by Marcus Leyva on Jan 7th 2024

    I like the fit and the size of it. Its easy to conceal even with a full size pistol. Definitely will purchase future holsters.

  • 5
    I don't understand how this is so comfortable

    Posted by Shawn Mittal on May 28th 2023

    I've got the P-01 version of this holster and the gun just tucks away completely. I'm a pretty thin guy, but it still doesn't print at all, even in a T-shirt and I can wear it for hours without noticing the holster. I have no idea what kind of wizardry Legacy Firearms used to make this thing.

  • 5

    Posted by Jeremy Hunt on May 22nd 2023

    Love this holster. Very smooth no rough edges. It is very comfortable to carry. I will be getting another Legacy holster for my all my pistols.

  • 5

    Posted by JP on Jan 23rd 2023

    Love this holster. It's compact, comfortable, and perfect. I've ordered two of these now for different pistols and they are just the best. I had a crossbreed and ended up selling it because this holster is so much better. Can't say enough good things about it.

  • 5
    Centaur AIWB CZ P-01

    Posted by Chuck on Sep 3rd 2022

    This is my second Legacy holster. First one is an Apollo minimalist for Glock 19 that I used exclusively for over 4 years. Switched my EDC to a CZ P-01 and wanted a little more coverage. I’ve been using the Centaur for about a month and I’m very satisfied I stayed with Legacy. I appreciate the attention to detail in the design and manufacturing processes. For reference, I am 6’4”, 240lbs., carry appendix inside the waistband and use a variety of everyday belts. I have the Centaur with a RCS Claw, RCS Eidolon Concealment wedge and 1.5” grip hook. Very comfortable to carry, secure and well concealed with no discernible printing.

  • 5

    Posted by Steve on Feb 13th 2022

    My P80 940c takes to this holster like a duck to water. Great product, great service, great company. Highly recommend. Thanks

  • 5
    Centaur IWB holster (Shield Plus)

    Posted by Damian Ford on Jan 11th 2022

    This is my forth holster from this company and I can't stress enough how wonderful their products are. This current holster I've ordered is quickly becoming my favorite, very comfortable and easily concealable.

  • 5

    Posted by Matthew Gros on Dec 21st 2021

    Fantastic product. Worth the wait.

  • 5
    Centaur (IWB)

    Posted by Jan S Vermeulen on Oct 30th 2021

    Fits perfectly and holds gun securely. Will be my EDC

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